​​I shall have the joy and privilege of being the official witness of your marriage. My objective: to immortalize the most moving scenes of your union. The moment you reveal yourself, that fraction of a second during which you lower the guard and let your soul appear is what I seek. By my sensitivity I will return images to you which will give you the opportunity to relive this day as many times as you want.


As a token of trust, know that my work has been recognized by the prestigious and highly selective ISPWP, the International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers which only references the best wedding photographers in the world, and I have also been published by one of the favorite bloggers French "la mariée en colère".

After 4 years of weddings in Metropolitan France, I now also cover weddings in the whole world.


An idea, a special photo shoot, a special theme, a wedding at the end of the world? Do not hesitate to share your desires with me.

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Tel: 06 27 46 21 32

Email: leslieperret@protonmail.com

Nomad all year long, when I get home

I am based in Provence in Metropolitan France.


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